Cris Jordan releases the video for Real Heroes Don’t Wear Capes which is part of a No Capes Campaign. The No Capes campaign is raising awareness for issues such as workplace trauma, depression, suicide, and alcoholism for First Responders and Healthcare professionals.

Jordan Adams (aka Cris Jordan) who is a firefighter/EMT in the City of New Haven, Ct. He is also a music producer/artist. He created a project called “Real Heroes Don’t Wear Capes: A Frontline Story” which is to honor frontline workers and bring awareness to the struggles that they go through on a daily basis.

Real Heroes Don’t Wear Capes:
This project honors Frontline Heroes (Firefighters, Soldiers, Nurses, Police Officer, Doctors, Social Workers etc.) and talks about sensitive subjects in the healthcare/first responder communities that aren’t talked about much, such as suicide, depression, drug addiction and more. It’s time to bring awareness to the difficulties and mental/physical tolls of this work, and to start really trying to help the people who help us. Please donate to help us continue our awareness efforts.