Drewsthatdude 2door. Long Island producer Drewsthatdude drops his new instrumental 2door where all the proceeds on bandcamp will go to charity

On June 26th I’ll be releasing an album, unfortunately on May 25th 2020 George Floyd was another unarmed black man who saw his untimely death at the hands of police brutality. Sadly enough a black woman by the name of Breonna Taylor and Tony McDade, a black trans man were also killed at the hands of the police. The concept of due process has been thrown out of the window for my people and I would like to use my platform and voice to speak up and out more.

This Friday, Bandcamp will once again waive its share of revenue across its entire platform, allowing all record labels and creators to earn 100% of every sale made on the website. I’ll be donating all my Bandcamp proceeds from my latest release 2Door to any of the listed charities below. I believe these will help push for reform and change for not only my community and race but will result to massive changes for the United States as a whole. . If you would like to donate to a different charity than listed please email a photo of your Bandcamp receipt and a link to the charity you’d like for me to donate to!