Check out my homie Drew as he gears up to drop his instrumental project “Kami” 7/31/14. Read his description of the record below

This process has been a long one, not just working on this track, but this site, my EP pretty much everything that I’ve been working on has been a super dope interesting long process. With that being said I finally present a track off my Instrumental EP: KAMI which I’m planning to release 7/31/14 and I’m super excited for all the attention this DrewsThatDude branding project has gotten in the past 3-6 months.

I couldnt grow without the people supporting me, I remember sitting in my room hitting Scolla on Skype, talking about “when I hit 100k I’m gonna be outta here on soundcloud bro” , 171k on top of that 100k plays goal later we’re here, dropping EPs and having people all over the world from London to Brazil show love so it means the world.

I just wanted to use this website as a way to showcase not only myself, the things that i have going on and the growth I’m trying to accomplish, but have a platform for my super talented peers who helped me grow along the way. So thank you to Erik, Grant, Maryam, DK, T. Newsome, Mac Miller, Q, TreeJay, Ted Chung, Scolla, Devin Miles, Zeke, Blanco, Fortune, C. Justice, Matt Benton, IRock, Karbon, Nico, Christo, Big Jerm man so many names of important people who helped guide me through this process, I probably shouldn’t have started naming cause I know I left out tons so i apologize in advanced. But just know it means everything and we gonna keep rocking.

– Drew