How do you rebrand a company? How do you grow a business? How do you stand out in the market? What role do designers play in all of this?

Standing out in a crowded marketplace is more important than ever. The best way to accomplish that is to build a meaningful, recognizable brand for your business. A brand needs to reflect the values and quality of the work a company puts into their product, while also helping that product to stick out on the shelf.

“Building a Brand” is a series where the futur takes you behind the scenes as Blind helps to rebrand Hamilton Family Brewery. Click Read More to watch the other episodes.

Defining The Customer, Episode 2

The Creative Brief, Episode 3

Ep.4 Visual Aesthetic

Presenting To Clients, Episode 5

Designing A Logo, Episode 6

Addressing Client Feedback, Episode 7

Building A Client Website From Scratch, Episode 8

Package Design, What Could go Wrong?, Episode 9

Client Video from Start to End BTS, Episode 10

Launching A Beer Brewery Brand, Episode 11